Under our Roots to Shoots project we're looking to engage with communities in Brymbo, Southsea, Moss Valley, Brynteg, Tanyfron/Vron, Lodge and Glascoed to explore the natural and industrial heritage hidden within our villages.


The outcome of this project will be to create pathways connecting our communities. Along the pathways in key areas there will be interpretation boards exploring and explaining the history, heritage and elements of that specific area.


More information will be available soon. If you’re a resident from one of these villages and interested in being involved, please submit your details on our contact form highlighting that you’re interested in the ‘Pathways Project’ or contact Leon using the email address below.

Community Consultation Session


We recently held a community consultation session for Tanyfron Community. The session was held across a full day giving opportunity for all to attend. From this session we have been able to identify with community members who attended, key areas of Tanyfron that would benefit from some development.


The activity run durning the session was to highlight some key points on a map of Tanyfron. These points were colour coded so we can easily identify areas proposed for some development or change.

The categories were the following:

Yellow - Pathways

Blue - Gates

White - Seating

Red - View Point

Orange - Play Spaces

Green - Notice Board / Interpretation

Pink - Other

Tanyfron Map
(click to enlarge)

Next Steps


Seek permission and guidance on suggested improvements.


Walk around for community members to see the spaces and look at suggestions made. Continued development of consultation and feedback.


Project plan for work that can be carried out and in what areas.


Look at how we can include interpretation boards, way-makers and signage.


Build a team of volunteers from the community that are looking to help develop these spaces.


Start running sessions at key locations.


Fancy getting involved?
Contact Leon: