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Moss Valley

Friends Of Moss Valley

An oasis of beauty and calm, Moss Valley Country Park is loved by all that visit. With over 1000 members in their Facebook group, Friends of Moss Valley share their interest of wildlife


A survey conducted in late 2020 shows how much more the country park is being used and how access for some people is becoming harder due to paths and lack of facilities. BHT are supporting the Friends of Moss Valley and WCBC in consulting with people visiting the park, and the plan is for BHT to provide funding to improve access and interpretation panels in certain locations throughout the valley. If you would like to get involved or for more information contact

Below is an example of the interpretation board that will be placed in the main car park for Moss Valley. This is a welcome and introduction to Moss Valley with information on the natural and industrial elements of Moss Valley past and present.

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