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Why is our heritage important?

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Nature  Industry  People

Three words that serve to capture our community’s proud heritage in a nutshell.

The nature element contrasts the richness of the fossil forest (with its international significant and SSSI-status evidence of Brymbo’s  ecology and climate change during the carboniferous period that led to the formation of coal seams and ironstone that fuelled industry as we know it) with nature’s post-industrial reclamation of large parts of the former iron and steelworks site, with newts, orchids, fungi, and trees aplenty!

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The industry theme is the one we most readily associate with the remains of Brymbo’s once massive industrial heart, lost in 1990 after nearly 200 years of iron and steel production. Containing both listed and scheduled buildings and structures, Brymbo’s industrial heritage is considered nationally important, a key component of Wales’ position as the world’s first industrialised country.

People have been the glue that joined nature with industry to power the past, innovating and pioneering, yet leaving behind scars and tears. That spirit of endurance and humility lives on, and the Trust's mission is to connect as many residents as possible with the history all around us.


The potential for our shared heritage to inform and inspire the future of our community has been recognised for decades. Now’s the time for it to be realised.

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