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Southsea Community Group

A group of local people committed to making their village better, and what a brilliant job they're doing!

A group of dedicated volunteers in Southsea have been super busy over the last 18 months, tree/vegetation clearance, hedge trimming, painting railings and posts, inserting planters and plants in key locations, Gwenfro river clearance including a culvert. They have managed to secure financial support from their local community council.

Their future plans include historical and cultural information/interpretation boards, more clearance work up towards Plas  Power, installation of benches, a greater reveal of the sandstone wall and bridge support that used to carry the railway across from Plas Power and also some cola artefacts e.g. wheel or coal hopper. BHT hope support the volunteer-led group with access to funding for some of the work and to facilitate local people in sharing their stories of their community.

We're currently in the process of working with the Southsea group and local councillor to install a coal truck that has been restored by a couple of young volunteers locally. The restoration has been carried out by O & H Metalwork, a fantastic team of two young lads Ollie, Harvey and their grandad!

The ground-work is currently underway to make a suitable base to place the coal truck across the river in front of one of the sandstone walls.

All the colours...

Have you noticed all of the colours around Southsea?

The team of volunteers have carefully picked out a number of different plants and flowers that complement each other and the surrounding area. Take a look at all the beautiful colours and shapes. 

If you're out and about head down to Southsea and go for a walk around yourself and see them.

We recently caught up with the group while they were putting in place some new planters.

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