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Volunteer for Brymbo Heritage Trust


Volunteers are the heart and soul of Brymbo Heritage Trust...

Without the support of our committed volunteer teams we wouldn't be able to carry out the amazing work we do. Wether it's maintaining the industrial heritage sites, discovering fossils, watering the community garden, cataloging archive photographs and documentation, repairing 4x4 tour vehicles, helping run events; or setting up and running engaging sub projects like the car club, the orchard project or preserving the Welsh Black Bee population located on site. There really are a very diverse range of interesting opportunities for volunteers to engaged with our project, and we couldn't do any of this without them.

Primarily most of our volunteers have an interest in their local heritage or history around the area. We encourage people to attend some of the open sessions we run. Here you can get stuck in with likeminded individuals, normally on practical projects and explore the work we do. There are always friendly faces, a cuppa and biscuits to keep you fuelled up.


We also love to hear about new ideas, everyone has a voice and we're here to support the volunteers as much as they support us. We can provide training and opportunities in a range of different areas.

If you're thinking of getting involved please fill out the form below with some details and Lynze our volunteer coordinator can get in touch with you to have a chat.



Brymbo Steelworks was a good place to work, yes it had it's dangers but the workforce worked together, it was the only Steel plant in the UK making a profit at the time of the closure in 1990. 1100 people lost there jobs and I feel that it took the heart out of the community. Lots of people moved away to find alternative work, I think it is fare to say that most of those people would go back tomorrow to work . So all I can say is that I have volunteered to do work on the remaining site that I was working for 22 years to give something back to the community with recordings a collection of photos that have been passed down to the Trust and to make sure that it will be remembered for generations to come


Photographer Volunteer

My time volunteering with BHT through the Roots to Shoots project will enhance the knowledge of the local people through photography and history of the area. I gain a lot from volunteering and enjoy being involved.

 We think volunteering is amazing!


don't just take our word for it, here are some quotes from our volunteers...



Skills Instructor

As a past employee of Brymbo Steelworks and local resident all of my life the Steelworks has had a positive involvement in my life and that of my family, my grandfather, father and mother where also employed at the Steelworks. In recent times I have been involved with the Heritage group which has enabled me to re-connect with the present community and with my past.  I ran a skills group on the former site which involved anyone interested in doing practical skills which are gradually disappearing and with other people bringing other skills to the group it has had positive impact in the community.


Archive Volunteer

I volunteer as it helps my health and well being, I have been a volunteer with BHT for nearly 3.5 years and it is helping to build my confidence. I enjoy helping with the archives and admin in the office.


Archive Volunteer

I have had an interest in the Steelworks for quite some time, especially since finding that about 14 of my relations on the Heard & McCarthy sides of the family had worked there, from Great Grandad Sam down to my brother David. I think it's very important to keep the past alive for future generations to enjoy and to be part of that process is great. So, even though I didn't initially go to the site to join up I'm so glad I was "cajoled" shall I say? One of my foibles is that I love helping other people and if it's something I feel is important then so much the better! So a big thank you to Lynze and David! X

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