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Brymbo Heritage Trust

We’re the not-for-profit group (registered as a charity since 2017) who are on a mission to save and sustainably celebrate the amazing natural, industrial and social heritage of Brymbo and its neighbouring communities. Everyone’s welcome to be part of it.


We’re delivering this through an ethos of being powered and driven by and for local people, whilst stimulating regional, national and world-wide interest and visitor appeal.


We have two major projects – Roots to Shoots (£2m) and Stori Brymbo (£7m). Find out more about them by following the links left and right.

We’ve grown from a few blokes sharing a cuppa and fond memories (1992-2003), through stages of forming a vision and making the case (2004-2013), ‘building the momentum’ and growing our capacity (2014-2019), and achieving full financial backing - but trying to start work too early (2017-2020). We’re now nearing the point of securing the remaining permissions and passing the final checks (Autumn 2021). We’re nearly ready to go!

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