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Temporary Closure under Traffic Regulation Order. Brymbo Footpath No 109.

This project is being carried out under the Create Your Space project (National Lottery Community Fund) under the Brymbo Heritage Trust, Roots to Shoots project.
Once the felling is complete the project will continue with its support to re-fence the route and join footpath Brymbo 109 with Southsea and the surrounding communities to the southeast of the former Steelworks site.

Please be aware that we now have permission to close both the B5101 under Ocknaulds Bridge during School Hours and Close Footpath Brymbo 109 from the 15th of January 2024 for 5 days. The Road will effectively be closed 9:00 to 15:00. We are in a much better position than we were when we last needed to close the road in 2005 to pull back the valley slopes where there was no Heritage way as an alternative route.
This will allow Benbow Brothers to remove the dead and dying trees from the footpath / old railway track and clear fell the Trees immediately above the bridge, and to 5m on either side. This will remove all the hiding areas that have recently been used by the vandals etc… throwing from the bridge onto cars below.
Once this tree felling is complete, we will arrange to reference the railway track route.
Above is a poster that will be erected in and around the routes, so all are forwarded. Wrexham Highways office will also be erecting formal notices.
You will see that the Valley slopes on the former Steelworks site will also be affected with Plant and machinery using them as access and a route to remove timber and chippings etc... for recycling and resale in an attempt to keep down the colossal costs of these works.
Thank you for your continuing support.
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